That’s what we want to say.

We are talking about the music, difference between original song and re-make song. And we have a question. “Why do we prefer the original music rather than the re-make music?” Talking about the result, the original singer sings the story of the song, re-make singer sings the song. That is the difference. Similarly, Cho seong-jin,…


      “장인정신이라는 것은 숭고하고 어려운 것이기 보다는, 우리가 살아가면서 즐겨야 하는 부분이다.” “The word craftsmanship sounds noble and difficult, but we think that it stands for something that people can enjoy and make a part of their lives.”

[VIDEO]Short Film for Making Leather Belt

곧 출시되는 Leather Belt의 제작 영상입니다. ? Premium quality vegetable-tanned natural leather, manufactured by?Seungmin Jung.filmed by?Ki Seok Yunedited by Ki Seok Yun & Seungmin Jung