TRVR Gentleman’s Leather Collection.

TRVR Gentleman’s Leather Collection. Master Craftsman is making progress to select, cut and saddle stitch the high quality leather. TRVR의 Gentleman’s Leather Collection 입니다. 시간이 지날수록 사용하는 사람의 멋과 스토리가 그대로 묻어나는 가죽 작업입니다. 가죽 선별, 재단, 새들스티치까지 모두 장인의 손으로만 작업하였으며 이탈리아 최상의 태너리에서 생산된 식물성 태닝 가죽을 사용하였습니다.

TRVR Leather Coaster

TRVR Leather Coasters are released. Have a great coffee & tea time. TRVR Leather Coasters 가 업데이트 되었습니다. 멋진 차와 커피를 함께 즐기세요.

TRVR Cap Charcoal has been restocked

TRVR Cap Charcoal has been restocked. Because of the crimp structure, Wool fabrics retain fresh air. Wool 원단으로 만들어진 TRVR Cap Charcoal이 재생산되어 입고되었습니다. 크림프 구조라는 Wool Fabric의 특성상, 공기층을 형성해 여름에는 시원하게 착용할 수 있는 모자입니다.

[VIDEO]Short Film for Making Leather Belt

곧 출시되는 Leather Belt의 제작 영상입니다. ? Premium quality vegetable-tanned natural leather, manufactured by?Seungmin Jung.filmed by?Ki Seok Yunedited by Ki Seok Yun & Seungmin Jung

Gentleman’s Apron

No more admiring your mother’s or wife’s apron. Here is your apron. TRVR Gentleman’s Apron is constructed from waxed canvas & genuine leather, this handmade apron is made up of the useful and suitable pockets, also to tie the strap is very easy more than you can imagine.

TRVR Hand Sanitizer

This new concept of TRVR hand sanitizer has excellent antiseptic and detergent qualities because of the Brownian motion and Nano size molecules. The main element of this cleaner is based on the vegetable fatty acid, thus not containing any harmful chemical substances to the nature or human beings.

Lifestyle Knitwear

TRVR Lifestyle Knitwear is released. 80% Lamb’s Wool 20% Nylon 3 pockets leather elbow patch S,M,L available


The TRVR Fabrics are manufactured using Tasmanian Merino Wool which is as fine as the merino wool in many of the worlds luxury brand’s fabrics.