Gentleman’s Apron

No more admiring your mother’s or wife’s apron. Here is your apron. TRVR Gentleman’s Apron is constructed from waxed canvas & genuine leather, this handmade apron is made up of the useful and suitable pockets, also to tie the strap is very easy more than you can imagine.

TRVR Hand Sanitizer

This new concept of TRVR hand sanitizer has excellent antiseptic and detergent qualities because of the Brownian motion and Nano size molecules. The main element of this cleaner is based on the vegetable fatty acid, thus not containing any harmful chemical substances to the nature or human beings.

Lifestyle Knitwear

TRVR Lifestyle Knitwear is released. 80% Lamb’s Wool 20% Nylon 3 pockets leather elbow patch S,M,L available


The TRVR Fabrics are manufactured using Tasmanian Merino Wool which is as fine as the merino wool in many of the worlds luxury brand’s fabrics.

[TRVR] One Day in Brooklyn

Cruising around the town on a gloomy monday morning with Kyle Jordan from d’emploi Special thanks to Kyle Nothing crazy, but peace Visit TRVR Home page: